Plug & Play Convenience

The Poseidon pharma ocean freight program is being built for quick and easy adoption with ‘plug & play’ convenience for pharmaceutical manufacturers and shippers. This allows different pharma ocean lanes to be rapidly brought on-stream through Poseidon’s standardised, pre-validated, GDP-compliant, full-insured pharma ocean-freight service.

Service Categories

The Poseidon program is developing two primary freight services, each covering the common temperature bands used for the bulk shipment of pharma and each with a tiered choice of features/quality points to suit to the requirements of different products, local regulatory requirements and individual shippers. Poseidon Full Container Load (FCL) Service The Poseidon FCL service is a ‘gold-standard’, GDP-compliant, full container ocean freight service for the main pharma lanes. This can be used in conjunction with the LCL service to facilitate planning, inventory management and cost control. Poseidon Less than Container Load (LCL) Service (Groupage) A key feature of the Poseidon program will be its ability to handle small pharma shipments. Its LCL (Less than Container Load) service will operate alongside its full container service and open up ocean freight to small and medium-sized pharma companies. For these, Poseidon 'opens the hatch' to ocean transportation and the hugely advantageous freight rates on offer compared to other modes. On the other hand, larger companies can use the service to spread risk and maintain viability on low-volume lanes. The Poseidon LCL service is being designed for pharma shippers of all sizes and will be suitable for small volumes and split shipments to facilitate risk dispersion, increased delivery frequencies, and improved inventory management. Full GDP-compliant load consolidation and transhipment will form part of the service. The LCL service will be suitable for JIT inventory programs especially when synchronised with back-up air-freight services.

‘Built-in’ Ocean Freight Insurance

In the case of sea-freight insurance, shipping lines typically offer very limited cover and it can be difficult to obtain adequate cover through the traditional markets. However Poseidon is working with the insurance industry to put in place a sector-leading insurance framework specifically for the Poseidon program which will deliver full-value cargo insurance and an exclusive range of Poseidon benefits. This reflects the robust risk-management processes that underpin the Poseidon program which will be striving to simplify and demystify the marine insurance process.

Tiered Service Structure

Poseidon is introducing a tiered service-structure providing validated, GDP-compliant ocean transportation of all pharma products from small molecule generics and consumer products to large molecule biologics and ultra-sensitive goods. All pharma temperature ranges will be provided including deep frozen.

Guaranteed door-to-door

A guaranteed door-to-door service will be provided by an intimately interlocked provider network. Poseidon Supply Partners undergo a rigorous pre-qualification and entry process and are committed to a structured program of continuous improvement, both individually and as a group.
The Poseidon integration model is designed to minimise risk and maximise reward for all contributing parties. It does this by providing the potential for considerably enhanced performance and through providing a co-operative environment where mutual trust and respect can develop within an antitrust-compliant framework. The combination of consolidated volumes, efficient hub & spoke distribution and an in - tegrated LCL service is a game-changer in terms of cost-efficiency and inventory management.

Indirect Cost Savings

It is a well-documented fact that the cost of recording, reporting and rectifying supply chain temperature excursions and other process defaults substantially dwarfs the cost of compromised product.* Indeed managing environmetal deviations is the biggest single source of unneccessary cost relating to the pharma logistics process.

Horizontal Collaboration

Horizontal collaboration between pharma shippers using the Poseidon neutral trustee facility provides the ability to generate meaningful freight volumes and solicit better standards of service and better rates.

Strategic Integration

Poseidon harnesses and focuses the collective resource and knowledge of the entire pharma-logistics supply chain to create optimal solutions, foster innovation, improve efficiency and drive down costs.

*The average cost of investigating a single pharma temperature excursion has been reported at

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If the Poseidon philosophy were to be encapsulated in just 3- words, these might be "integration", "aggregation" and "standardisation". By combining these three elements, together with everything they represent, a model is created that engenders teamwork and transparency, provides economies of scale and brings much more certainty and predictability to the cold chain process. Quite simply, by bringing the best supply chain shippers, carriers and suppliers together and by substituting a win-win environment for zero-sum behaviour, the conditions are created for supply chain optimisation as well as market differentiation, realistic margins, and security of business for carriers and suppliers. Poseidon also has a goal of bringing pharma shippers together in order to combine freight for significant consolidated shipping volumes. At the end of the day, freight prices are driven by the supply and demand for capacity so by providing a compliant means of aggregating consignments from multiple shippers, Poseidon opens the doors to a new freight paradigm.