PRESS RELEASE 08/01/2019 New chairman for Poseidon ocean-freight initiative
PRESS RELEASE 14/01/2019 Poseidon to expose its unique PLUG & PLAY pharma ocean-freight model in London
PRESS RELEASE 01/02/2018 Pharma ocean freight enters new waters
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LINKEDIN VIDEO 22/03/2019 Poseidon at LogiPharma 2019, Montreux
INTERVIEW 01/12/2019 Interview of Alan Kennedy in International Pharmaceutical Industry Nos 3 & 4 2019. PARTS 1 of 2
INTERVIEW 29/10/2019 Interview of Alan Kennedy for Biologistics World Asia conference 2020, Singapore
PRESS RELEASE 08/07/2020 Alan Kennedy Wins Lifetime Achievement Award at Asia Bioprocc, Excellence Awards
ANNOUNCEMENT EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST OCTOBER 2020 Call for Expressions of Interest from pharma manufacturers to participate in the final pre- commercial Poseidon ocean freight trials for pharma, vaccines and other biotech drugs. GO HERE FOR DETAILS
BSI / Poseidon GDP Multi-Mode Compliance & Standards (MMCS) Program Introductory Workshop 8th July 2021