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The success of the Poseidon program is contingent on attracting the very best strategic supply partners. This is because the most important ingredients in any collaborative venture of this nature are the individual participants, both corporate and individual. It is the quality and commitment of the participants that will make or break any partnership so it is critical that only the best and most appropriate organisations are included in the project. Working collaboratively, although an intuitively ‘good thing’, is not an easy option; it requires dedicated participation at all levels of a company’s organisation and the adoption of a consistently open and collaborative way of working in order to meet the team’s objectives.

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Participant Shippers as at Aug 2021
Partnership A DEFINITION
A partnership is a group of stakeholders brought together from a range of organisations, to be re - sponsible for tackling mainly long-term chal - lenges and opportunities in which they have a shared interest.* *Working Together - Effective Partnership Working on the Ground, M Frye and Sir A Webb 2002 .
Operational Partners as at Nov 2020
Strategic Engagement - the opportunity for Poseidon Partners to make significant contributions based on their respect - ive expertise. Commercial Alignment - a single partnering agreement covering the en - tire network and creating a partnership of equals where everyone involved understands the importance of achieving the overall program objectives and keeping within agreed financial parameters. Shared Objectives - the interwoven network pursues common goals on the premise that a focused team will always outperform a disconnected group of individuals.
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Network Partners as at Aug 2021