Poseidon has successfully completed the first phase (Phase 1: Summer) of a large-scale Poseidon proof-of-concept pilot project which was designed to provide validation of the basic Poseidon approach. This project was the result of many months of meticulous planning by a multi-disciplinary group of Poseidon partner companies.and represents the most comprehensive pharma ocean-freight appraisal exercise of its type ever carried out. The results are, of course, exclusive to Poseidon participants.

Phase 1 (Summer)

The Phase 1 validation exercise involved three 40-foot containers carrying a representative selection of real pharmaceutical product for Central America to Europe in the height of summer. The 34-day intercontinental project was designed to present the products with the highest possible thermal stresses. A huge amount of valuable data was collected from the exercise which involved 58 heavily-sensored pallets containing 5 different dosage formats of genuine pharma product, shipped in 3 separate containers, over 6 ocean journeys. The distance totalled around 30,000km and the transportation involved four different vessels and three separate overland stages. The comprehensive Phase 1 Report is available on the Poseidon Hub to Poseidon participant companies. Phase 2 (Winter) Phase 2 (winter) of the Poseidon pilot has commenced Week 4, 2019 with the object of collecting supplementary cold season data and testing additional cold chain solutions. This project involves two 40-foot reefers each containing 19 pallets of high-value commercial pharma product.
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